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The BEST money can buy - bar none!  Hawaii Canines for Independence has 3 in service (testing) and will be ordering more.

Thank you so very much for the collars - they are perfect.  And thanks for working with me on this.  I will recommend you to my friends.  Thanks again,  S. 

By the way, when we have the dogs out with us, we often get a comment about their collars/leads and I have referred everyone to your site.  Thanks again,  R.

Whoever set up you website did a great shop. Searching for passport holder brought up exactly what I was looking for; the one you sell. It's the only way to carry your press card/passport/other essential travel data. The further I get away from home base the less I carry in obvious places. Too easy to be a victim in you carry such things in a pocket or bag. R.

After using your products I realized how great they are and better then anything I can buy at my local pet "mart"---T.

Thanks for sending the leash out so fast.  They are really the very best on the market.  D.

WOW, you never cease to amaze me with how fast you respond--and how generous you are to bend over backwards making it easy on me.  You probably wish I wouldn't, but I'll keep your business in mind if any other future needs should come up.  I just want to close by saying it's been a real pleasure doing business with you.   Thanks!  D.

Just wanted to let you know that we received our leash and collar the other day. They're so well made! We're very pleased and our Aussie shepherd, Tillie, looks so pretty in her new collar! Thanks so much. W.

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. We would still like to get the leash. Our dog's collar is 15".

I really have to say that we're very pleased with the way you've handled this, and I think you'll be getting our repeat business. We're looking forward to receiving the leash and collar!   Thanks,  C.

Got the leashes yesterday late afternoon.  Wow - super!  How do you make a profit when these leashes are designed to last a LONG time?  Very refreshing in a world that has just about everything with built in short time-failure. D.

Thank-you for making my christmas shopping a little easier!!  J.

USPS shipping is sooo much better then UPS etc, I wish more people shipped this way---products were great and of perfect quality.  T.

We like the collar because it keeps their long chest and neck hair from becoming tangled in the collar, and because you can use it as a choke or not. Thank you again.  You guys have been wonderful to work with.  Best of luck with your company! A.

My order arrived yesterday and I love the collars. I have an old mountain rope collar and I've been trying to find new ones for quite  some time. I plan to bring one of the collars and your card to a little

specialty pet shop here in ----- that I really like. Perhaps I'll have some luck getting them to carry your products. Thanks for the great products,  C.

Hi Jon- We bought a royal blue mountain leash from your company this past January and at the time that we received it, I wrote you with concerns about the strength of the leash as we have a lab mix puppy who is a "power chewer." I am happy to report that after four months, the leash is still intact and did indeed get stronger the more we used it. I especially appreciate the plastic cover on the leash handle as it gives me a better grip on the lead when she decides to play "tug of war" and grabs the leash in her mouth. I have passed your web site onto our veterinarian office staff to share with other pet owners who have big dogs with strong jaws. Hopefully this leash will last as long as the previous mountain leash we bought in a pet store (15 years). Thanks,  S.

Got the collars today and they look great. T.

Thank you.  This type of collar is hard to find.  My old Collie wore Mountain Rope Collars all the time, and they were great for her coat.  Now the only collars I can find in stores are leather - and I don't like leather collars.  Your collars are sturdy, easy on their coats and they're beautiful. 

Thanks guys,  I love those collars. I cannot find those collars in the stores anymore and spent hours on the internet locating them.  First company I tried sent me a choke and in a different color than I ordered and never answers my emails. Thanks for the heads up and I have already told my friends about you. N.

Thanks, you do beautiful work! J.

I received the keyboard dusters today.  Thanks so much for the efficient service. J.

I'm so glad I found your site!  We have three big Labs, and only one mountain rope leash.  I can't find them in stores, and they are so much better than the nylon tape style.  Thanks again!  We'll recommend you to our friends.  L.   

 I hope you are doing well!  As I mentioned before I am so in love with your product's!  I am very impressed at the way it hold's up and how beautiful it still looks.  I have been to several show's here and have come across similar types of collar's and leashes but you know just by looking, and feeling them I can honestly say they cannot compare or compete with your product's!  In fact, I was talking to one of the people who was selling these collars and leashes and he said they last about 2 or so year's and that's "very good, considering you will be using it just about everyday".  He told me not to get it wet, hmmmm....  We use ours daily, get it wet, get it muddy, wash it with soap and water then hang it out to dry and it's still looking GOOD!! Okay, I just had to tell you how much I appreciate your products.   Also thank-you for the free shipping, I appreciate it!  J.

Thank you for the break away chain, I appreciate it.  My kids are 2 and 4 and we are limited to the shallow "kids area" of the park. . .so we won't be doing anything that strenuous or anything that will go over an adult's head (or a kid's for that matter). . .just needed something that would hold my money and key safely while we are there.  I appreciate your concern. . .there are not many people in the world anymore that care about the safety of strangers!  God Bless.

Btw I told someone at Petco about the collar, and they want to see it when it gets here.  I hope they buy from you and sell this collar in their stores.  Cordially,  G.

Just wanted to tell you that I got the leashes and collars in the mail yesterday (Monday) so that was even faster than you thought - and they are great!  Thanks again for all your help, I will be telling people what a great service you provide, and will order from you again myself!  M.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your excellent follow though and timely communications. D.

wow, that is service.. thanks so much!  S.

I sent your web address to every dog owner I have an email address for, plus two breeders. Good Luck! Love your products. S.

Thanks once again for your professionalism and great products.  I'll look for the mail early next week.  I'll also send you some feedback on the tracking leash. R.

The dogs did great, the collars and leashes helped out tremendously. Our dogs are so outgoing they love to pull!  Having the plastic handle on the leash helps the hands. I have piece of mind knowing that the mountain rope collar and leash will not fail. Love your products.  S.

Take it from me, my dad is a bit of a perfectionist.  He'll pick something apart and find a flaw.  However, he's so happy with how well the leash works for him.  We're so grateful. I will be sure to promote your website to my fellow dog-lovers and hope to steer business your way.  J.

By the way, when we have the dogs out with us, we often get a comment about their collars/leads and I have referred everyone to your site.  Thanks again, R.

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