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Last update 10/18/2015

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Security Information !

Overview:  This product is worn around the neck and is used to carry a passport and other valuables.  It should be worn under outer clothing for security.  It can also be used to exhibit large ID or event cards.

Features and Benefits:  The Passport Tuck is ideal for travelers and provides a secure means of carrying a passport.  The heavy duty soft vinyl carrier is large enough to carry a regulation size passport and has room for extra cash and/or credit card.  this is a great security backup in the event your purse, wallet or luggage is lost or stolen.

The Passport Tuck comes in men's or women's size lanyards.  The strong swivel snap hook provides for a quick attachment or removal of the carrier. The lanyard is a thin and strong, double braided nylon cord and is very comfortable to wear. Travel with security!





  • Cord:  3mm double braided nylon (black).
  • Plastic carrier:  4 x 6 3/16 inches heavy soft vinyl.
  • Snap hook:  Nickel finish with swivel.
  • Ferrule:  Aluminum
  • Weight:  1 oz.


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Shipping rates domestic  USPS First Class 

$3.99 flat rate DOMESTIC SHIPPING


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Passport Tuck     $5.98  see shipping rate

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Travelers are strongly advised to keep passports and other valuables in hotel safes or other secure locations.  It is advisable to carry a photocopy of your passport in your passport Tuck when going out from your hotel.  When carrying your passport and ticket,  it is advisable to wear your Passport Tuck under outer clothing.

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